Economics is a difficult subject because you can’t overthink economic concepts, but the models need to be accurate about what is included and what is left out. There is a point when common sense needs to be included in most of the models. I know the models didn’t include a worst case scenario in the housing crisis. I think that a way of measuring how people affect probability measurements would help economic models.


Periodic Table

I was hoping to show the students the TMBG videos, and one of them has to be “Meet the Elements” They were really detailed in that one including color coding of the periodic table.


I think that the linear analysis of a pathway illustrates some part of the pathway and ignores the part that is nonlinear.

Biological data

Once data is collected, its really difficult to figure out how to analyze it. MATLAB can be used to do ODE modeling but what equations to use? Its admirable when someone can put the biological function together with the equations.

So many choices

I need to decide what type of internet medium to use for teaching. I don’t have a twitter account and I need to look at the web portal for my school in order to see what the best method will be. I know facebook has nice features so I may just use it and link to blog from there.


What is the relationship between fractals and earthquake prediction? How bout fractals and neurological behavior? The last time I tried to explain this to undergrds with no math background higher than algebra and trig I wasn’t very successful. I explained its a way to fit an antenna in a smart phone, by folding it into a specific shape. Then I tried to make a connection to biology by explaining lung structure and cerebellum structure.

A slow motion version of free fall

We can use a stroboscope to show that the horizontal movement and the vertical movement of a projectile are independent.